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Where are we now?

The world of circuit Break can be divided into two halves at the moment: a) Books - I had three novels and three short stories published in 2017 and a new novel out this year - see b) Strategic Planning - I've worked on everything from international heavy engineering to global safety inspection to South African banks - and more. And that is only the tip of a ver large iceberg.

Books and More Books

Although still turning the wheel full time on Circuit Break with clients like Stein IAS and Glencairn the book side of life is taking off. A new publishing deal with Strident will result in 3 books coming out in the next 12 months and a new deal with Down & Out Books in the U.S. will result in a sequel to 'Falling' - called 'Falling Too' coming out in October.

2016 - What a Year

So in the spirit of the impending holiday season Her's a little sample of I've been up to this year:

A) Air Miles - I've managed to rack up more miles in the air than we thought was possible.

B) Diversity - clients that I've worked with while helping Stein IAS are spreading across the globe - Trelleborg, Western Union Business Solutions,, Bureau Van Djik and Samsung to name a few.

c) Crystal Clear - Glencairn continue to go from strength to strength - I'm writing this while in Chicago visiting their new distributor.

d) Scottish Enterprise - I'm still helping out with new start ups in association with The Business Trinity - try chocolate, software and plants this year.

e) Writing - with all the time in the air I've had the opportunity to write a new novel, due out February, edit two existing books, to be relaunched in February and agree a new book to come out in the USA next year. I was published in a crime anthology in the U.S. and made it across to Bouchercon (the U.S.'s largest crime festival) in New Orleans. Oh and this was year 5 of Bloody Scotland, Scotland's International Crime Writing Festival - as a founding board member I'm delighted to say we had a cracking festival in September and that's now 5 years of straight growth in visitor numbers.

Apart from that it's been quite quiet, really.


Spring Forward

I've been a bit back to back on the word front. Working with my colleagues at Stein IAS I helped them on a couple of big wins - Western Union Business Solutions and Bureau van Djik. I'm taking up an extended role with Glencairn from June. On the writing front my US debut, Falling, is firing away and the third in the Craig McIntyre series is due for publication in September. All in all 2016 is going well.

Life at Circuit Break

Hard to know where to start on this one. A range of new clients, some great wins at Stein IAS, US book launch in February, Free short story at - makes for a great start to 2016.

Bloody Scotland

Outside of the day job Gordon's writing career moves on - we are just off the back of Bloody Scotland 2015 - see and Gordon has just landed a deal to publish his first book 'Falling' in the USA in 2016. apart from that all is well at Circuit Break towers.


2015 has been a great year so far. Through SteinIAS we have been working on a range of global clients while still working with a range of Scottish companies.

Moving Office

We are in the process of moving office and out phone line is out of order please contact us on 07712 141124 in the meantime or at


Better late than never

Slow to update the web isn't the phrase I'd use for us. Busy elsewhere is the phrase. Work with SteinIAS and a range of clients from Castrol to Trelleborg and from KPMG to TalkTalk Business keeps us flat out. Working with The Gate on Healthcare Improvement Scotland keeps us going. Brain Juice continues to grow- check out Also Gordon has his third novel out - see www. Other than that all quiet.

It's a mad, mad, mad world

You now how it is - you spend your time telling clients to keep their website up to date and then you do the old cobbler's shoe trick and neglect your own. So a quick update. IASB2B - the UK's leading B2B agency have rebranded my Brain Juice product and are keeping me busier than a busy thing - working on some nice clients - Castrol, Howden, Talk Talk Business and the like. I've also been working with The Gate in Edinburgh on their Brodies account and Brain Juice has just been freshly squeezed into the BIG Partnership and, this month, I'm taking Brain Juice to the US to train a New York based marketing agency. On a personal note my new novel is coming out in March - - entitled The Catalyst it is a departure from my previous Scotland based crime novels.